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  • 2021 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with the video applications for cameras affected by COVID-19 growing more rapidly. Online classrooms, interviews, contract signing, live broadcasts, and press conferences and concerts appear in succession.


  • Video conferences are divided into hardware video conferences and software video conferences. The equipment configuration of the software video conference is very simple, only the simple equipment such as network broadband, headset, camera, and computer is needed. Hardware video requires a video conferencing host MCU, video conferencing terminal, camera, remote control, omnidirectional microphone, network broadband, etc. Because the two types of video conferencing require different equipment, enterprises should choose the mode of video conferencing according to their specific needs. And external devices.


  • With the development of science and technology, network cameras have been widely used, advanced technology, powerful monitoring functions, and built-in "plug and play" functions. No need to install coaxial cables like analog cameras. It greatly reduces the troublesome operation and installation, then, is the network camera really that good? What advantages does it have? Let's analyze it in detail below!