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What equipment is needed to build a video conference system

Video conferences are divided into hardware video conferences and software video conferences. The equipment configuration of the software video conference is very simple, only the simple equipment such as network broadband, headset, camera, and computer is needed. Hardware video requires a video conferencing host MCU, video conferencing terminal, camera, remote control, omnidirectional microphone, network broadband, etc. Because the two types of video conferencing require different equipment, enterprises should choose the mode of video conferencing according to their specific needs. And external devices.
The following equipment is generally required to build a video conference system:
Audio input equipment: wired microphone + mixer, wireless microphone, interface microphone, etc. There are many choices of microphones, which can be selected according to the conditions of the specific venue. When choosing a microphone, pay attention to the following points: frequency response is 150HZ-10KHZ; sensitivity should not be too high, high-sensitivity microphones are prone to howling; try to use directional microphones, For users who can only use non-directional microphones, because the microphone is greatly affected by the external environment, it needs to be used with an echo canceller.
Audio output equipment: speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, etc.
Video input device: camera.
Video output equipment: HD TV or LCD TV, projector. The quality of video output equipment determines the sound and picture effects of video conferences. Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises choose high-definition TV sets to cooperate with video conference terminals.

Network video capture card: The video capture card is mainly responsible for the digital-to-analog conversion of the video. Choosing a high-end video capture card can improve the display effect of the video on the monitor or projector. 

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