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What is auto tracking camera and things need to pay attention when using it

The automatic tracking camera is an integrated camera that integrates and expands the functions of lens, PTZ and ordinary camera. The automatic tracking camera can automatically identify image information. When the image moves, it captures the image with the movement. It can recognize the movement of objects within the monitoring range and automatically control the PTZ to track moving objects, All movements of the object are clearly transmitted to the monitor.


If multiple objects move over a period of time (remember, we usually talk about parking lots or similar open spaces, which may be frequented by hundreds of people and / or vehicles), the auto tracking camera will try to lock the fastest or largest moving object. What if a car is passed by and a person is trying to break into a parked vehicle or pass through a hook? The malicious activities of the driving vehicle are completely irrelevant. The camera's sensitivity setting determines how much motion is needed to trigger tracking. Unfortunately, it's just a setting between 1 and 10. It is not set to "person" or "vehicle", so it needs to be tested after installation to ensure sensitivity and accurate operation.

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