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Innovative | Minrray AI-powered PTZ Camera was Certified by NDI®| HX3


Innovative | Minrray AI-powered PTZ Camera was Certified by NDI®| HX3

NDI (Network Device Interface) is a high-quality, low-latency, multi-channel IP video transmission standard pioneered by NewTek. NDI®|HX3 is a new version of the NDI protocol, which further optimizes the balance between video transmission quality and bandwidth. By using only a fraction of the bandwidth of Full NDI, you can obtain visual lossless image with lower latency and better quality video transmission.

NDI®|HX3 puts users in full control of their streaming production, delivering the perfect balance of quality and efficiency without compromise, a new standard that delivers broadcast-quality and extremely low latency without consuming a lot of bandwidth. Users can use the existing gigabit network infrastructure to quickly build a lightweight studio, create an AV over IP workflow, and reduce wiring and maintenance costs.

As an official partner of NewTek, Minrray is currently launching the first 4K Ultra HD PTZ camera UV430 that integrates the latest NDI®|HX3 technology! The current 4K NDI®|HX3 PTZ camera is fully tested and supports UHD video formats up to 4K/60P. Under low bandwidth requirements, ultra-high-quality images can still be transmitted in real time through limited network bandwidth, and high-quality video streams can be generated at lower bit rates, and multiple high-quality video streams can also be carried under a gigabit network. video stream.


Minrrays new 4K NDI®|HX3 PTZ camera allows users to easily and flexibly handle video production from live events to online streaming, as well as for live/broadcast/studio, local/remote production of TV programs, medical surgery teaching, multi-party Application scenarios such as conferences and NDI projection provide more possibilities!

About Minrray: Minrray Industry Co.,Ltd, is a leader in cloud communication industry offering video conferencing products and solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2002, Minrray integrated manufacturing, research, and sales hopefully to provide a comprehensive solution to our customers. Backed by professional technical team with deep knowledge, Minrray has been awarded with many patents in fields of ISP algorithm, image processing and encoding technology.  With focus on products development and technology research, Minrray is continuously working on higher resolution, better integration and more intelligence. 

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